in El Chapo’s birthplace, code of slience reigns

Badiraguato is also the gateway to the so-called Golden Triangle, an area where the states of Sinaloa, Chihuahua and Durango meet and, more importantly for law enforcement, where marijuana and poppy production thrive. It’s the birthplace of drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, so perhaps it’s no surprise that the 3,700 people of this town in the mountains of the northern state of Sinaloa have kept their lips tight. this article was about how El Chapo is again incarcerated  and how his birthplace is one of the most deadliest areas  of Mexico. Mayor casts doubt on notion that cartel kingpins are robin hoods giving back to communities. My reaction to this article is that how does a person like this escape from jail multiple times and the government doesn’t do anything about it or doesn’t do certain procedures to make sure he does escape again.  My opinion about this article is that the government should take certain procedures that make sure he doesn’t escape or start the drug cartel again.


about the presidential candidates

trump-Planned Parenthood is important, but abortions must stop.

Keep mortgage interest deduction; knock out carried interest.

Tolerate diversity; prosecute hate crimes against gays.

Capital punishment isn’t uncivilized; murderers living is.

Yes to medical marijuana; otherwise, decide state by state.

Cut Department of Education and Common Core.

Stress importance of a strong family, & a culture of Life.


Cruz– supports a Constitutional amendment mandating that Congress pass a balanced budget. He argues that this is the best way to cut down deficits and the debt.


rubio-Rubio supports balancing the federal budget within 10 years and has long advocated freezing spending for everything but defense at 2008 levels. This year, the Florida senator proposed raising defense spending.


kisich-Less prison time for nonviolent offenders. Focus on rehabilitation and treatment.


clinton-Make public college debt-free. Fund universal pre-K. Against No Child Left Behind. Position unknown on Common Core. Ban several types of assault weapons. Repeal protections for gun makers. Create a comprehensive background check system and close loopholes.


sanders-Limit corporate and interest-group spending in campaigns.Charge companies for carbon emissions. free, universal preschool. Free tuition at public colleges and universities.

I honestly think that if i wanted one to win it would be bernie sandets because he stands on alot of things i would. He alsos doesnt appose gay marriage like alot of the contenders which i think is good. if you want gay marriage to be appose than thats completely an opinion  and shouldnt even be looked at something that will help this country.


sentimental things in life can have a positive thing in life and a negative effect. they can make you think of goods times or times where everything was going wrong. sentimentalk things could be gifts, letters, or even a paperclip. honestly anything that means something to somebody.

why I didnt leave…

I’ve thought about leaving the country multiple times only because i was going to live with my grandma. I was going to live with my grandma because i had troubling issues at home. the only thing I wouldn’t have liked about leaving the country was speaking another language and leaving all my friends behind. I’ve made up my mind now that i do want to go after high school. my grandma understood what happened and why i couldn’t go. I cant wait til high schools over so then I can go to brazil and actually be with my grandma. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If You Leave.”

i blog because….

the reason why i blog is because i came into a creative writing class and my teacher had me do daily posts on the prompts. mostly i don’t blog about things that make me happy or sad, just things that are relevant or what the prompts tell me to doo…  i dont like alot of things so i cant blog about alot of stuff i like. theres alot of stupid stuff i could blog about but i like to be more serious. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.”


I’m reading twilight by stephenie meyer so far is when she meets jessica angela eric and mike and she sees a beautiful guy and finds out his names edward cullen. she’s infacuated by him and wants to know  more about him and she sees he acts different every so often so she’s trying to find a theory on why he acts like this.

shooting in oregon

The apparent online writings of the mother of the man who killed nine people at a community college in Oregon discuss guns and the autism spectrum, painting a partial picture of the environment the family lived in, their beliefs and the challenges they faced. i think that this is very sad and just down right cruel. like what type of person just wakes up one day and is like” im going to go shoot someone today.” and the mother should have been just maybe a little smarter and kept the guns out of the reach of her son just not okay she should get in trouble too honestly.

That dangerous cowboy…

A bad dude in a cowboy hat is walking into a saloon in a bad western movie. He is looking dangerous and mad.He walks up to the bartender with the mean look he wore so nicely, and asked for a root beer float with extra float and smiled. The dangerous cowboy then sat there and said drinks are on me to everyone in the saloon. He kept talking to everyone and greeting them and told them he was an undercover actor looking for a mysterious, dangerous role in a play. THE END 


So my response to this prompt is my mom let me barrow her car to go to the store and yes, I do have my license. This first time it was awesome I was listening to music, the windows were down, it was a nice day, and everything was great. I took the car back to my mom nothing was wrong with the car I even put gas in it. well a week went by and I had to go pick up a friend from school and I asked my mom if I could barrow her car again and she said yes. so I took the car and I was almost there when BAM! a car side swiped me out of nowhere. I couldn’t go anywhere because they messed up my moms wheel axis so the front end had to get fixed and I had to call my mom and I felt so bad because I didn’t mean for this to happen. My mom was just worried about if I was okay or not. which crashing the car was terrible but to know my mom cared about my well being kinda made it better.