I’m reading twilight by stephenie meyer so far is when she meets jessica angela eric and mike and she sees a beautiful guy and finds out his names edward cullen. she’s infacuated by him and wants to know ┬ámore about him and she sees he acts different every so often so she’s trying to find a theory on why he acts like this.


shooting in oregon

The apparent online writings of the mother of the man who killed nine people at a community college in Oregon discuss guns and the autism spectrum, painting a partial picture of the environment the family lived in, their beliefs and the challenges they faced. i think that this is very sad and just down right cruel. like what type of person just wakes up one day and is like” im going to go shoot someone today.” and the mother should have been just maybe a little smarter and kept the guns out of the reach of her son just not okay she should get in trouble too honestly.