So my response to this prompt is my mom let me barrow her car to go to the store and yes, I do have my license. This first time it was awesome I was listening to music, the windows were down, it was a nice day, and everything was great. I took the car back to my mom nothing was wrong with the car I even put gas in it. well a week went by and I had to go pick up a friend from school and I asked my mom if I could barrow her car again and she said yes. so I took the car and I was almost there when BAM! a car side swiped me out of nowhere. I couldn’t go anywhere because they messed up my moms wheel axis so the front end had to get fixed and I had to call my mom and I felt so bad because I didn’t mean for this to happen. My mom was just worried about if I was okay or not. which crashing the car was terrible but to know my mom cared about my well being kinda made it better.


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