That dangerous cowboy…

A bad dude in a cowboy hat is walking into a saloon in a bad western movie. He is looking dangerous and mad.He walks up to the bartender with the mean look he wore so nicely, and asked for a root beer float with extra float and smiled. The dangerous cowboy then sat there and said drinks are on me to everyone in the saloon. He kept talking to everyone and greeting them and told them he was an undercover actor looking for a mysterious, dangerous role in a play. THE END 



So my response to this prompt is my mom let me barrow her car to go to the store and yes, I do have my license. This first time it was awesome I was listening to music, the windows were down, it was a nice day, and everything was great. I took the car back to my mom nothing was wrong with the car I even put gas in it. well a week went by and I had to go pick up a friend from school and I asked my mom if I could barrow her car again and she said yes. so I took the car and I was almost there when BAM! a car side swiped me out of nowhere. I couldn’t go anywhere because they messed up my moms wheel axis so the front end had to get fixed and I had to call my mom and I felt so bad because I didn’t mean for this to happen. My mom was just worried about if I was okay or not. which crashing the car was terrible but to know my mom cared about my well being kinda made it better.

The Fun Platform

if i was the new leader of my country i would transform taxes into the olympics. so say if you lost a game it would be a thousand dollars on your taxes. if you won the game its a thousand dollars taken off your taxes. there would be 9 or 10 games. I would go about this by making sure everyone participated in their own arena in each state and if they didn’t participate the taxes would just pile up by $10,000 each year and by the 3rd year if they don’t participate or pay the money back they go to jail, its the same if you don’t pay regular taxes too.